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If you’ve missed out on “Geezer Rock” or if you’re just a tad behind the times (hey, we’ve all been there, right?), then you don’t have to, as Donovan once said, “dig the slowness.” Get up to speed (45 or 33 r.p.m.) right here and right now.

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April 15th show: It’s another hour of new, 21st-century music by geezers who rock, and you betcha, we got ‘em. A new song by Ann Wilson, formerly of Heart; some soul music about fake news by Sugar Ray Rayford, Dead-esque boogie from Moonalice, and more. The Featured Geezer is Edgar Winter, who has a new album in tribute to his late brother Johnny, titled Brother Johnny, and it features a generous selection of Johnny’s friends and coworkers.


April 8th show: This week, Geezer Rock brings you an almost-overwhelming sample  of new music that has recent fallen over the transom at the Geezer Rock office, including a protest song from the now-grown-up Cowsills, acoustic punk rock from Joan Jett, a Louis Armstrong classic sung in German by Nina Hagen, interdimensional dancing with soul singer Ural Thomas, a not-so-fond farewell to the recent past by Micki Free, who played basketball with Prince, and much more hard-to-believe new musical wonder on Geezer Rock.