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If you’ve missed out on “Geezer Rock” or if you’re just a tad behind the times (hey, we’ve all been there, right?), then you don’t have to, as Donovan once said, “dig the slowness.” Get up to speed (45 or 33 r.p.m.) right here and right now.

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May 14th show:This week, Geezer Rock repeats a recent “classic episode,” featuring an actual Beatle, the original Paul McCartney, with three songs from his new solo album, “McCartney III”! We also offer three songs by artists with the gumption, audacity, and self-assurance to hit the downbeat on their versions of Beatles songs, and render their versions righteously. Plus the the Fleshtones go into the garage to rock, only to find the “Face of a Screaming Werewolf”! It’s the shock of your life, on Geezer Rock!



May 7th show: This week on Geezer Rock, the Featured Geezer is Peter Frampton, with a follow-up to his 2006 all-instrumental Grammy Award-winning album “Fingerprints,” this one with the self-explanatory title “Frampton Forgets the Words.” Ringo Starr goes reggae, there are encore presentations of new songs by Billy Gibbons and Ellen Foley, and speaking of geezers, Walter Trout takes on Millennials’ dismissal of Baby Boomers. Don’t get left behind, get with Geezer Rock!