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If you’ve missed out on “Geezer Rock” or if you’re just a tad behind the times (hey, we’ve all been there, right?), then you don’t have to, as Donovan once said, “dig the slowness.” Get up to speed (45 or 33 r.p.m.) right here and right now.

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January 14th show: Fleetwood Mac had huge and unprecedented success with its late-70s and later pop-music line-up, but many modern fans don’t know or don’t remember the Mac of the ‘60s, with the phenomenal guitar of Peter Green. To help them and us out, Mick Fleetwood put together a star-studded Peter Green tribute concert, and Geezer Rock is sharing a selection from the resulting CD set, “Mick Fleetwood and Friends Celebrate the Music of Peter Green and Early Fleetwood Mac.” And much more!


January 21st show: Geezer Rock this week features three songs by Deep Purple from two separate albums—2020’s sadly overlooked album called “Whoosh,” which came out just as COVID hit us all, and “Turning to Crime,” the just-released all-covers album, with Deep Purple versions of songs by Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Little Feat and many more. Also eight minutes of high-weirdness by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and  a garage-rock break-up song by Elvis Costello and lots more—that’s the way it goes, on Geezer Rock!